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We are dedicated in bringing you the best BMX parts at the lowest market price. If you see an advertised item at a lower price let us know!  We will do our best to match it or even beat it!

Here is what you need to know:
1. Item must be advertised on a competitors website.
2. Item must be the exact same product including size and color.
3. Email price match concern to sales@jrbicycles.com.  Please include the direct product link.

Once the pricing issue is confirmed we will change our site accordingly so that you know you are getting the best deal.

Note: Some brands strictly enforce product pricing. Prices may not be changeable when restricted. Management has the right to refuse price change.  Price change must occur before purchase is made.


U.S. Domestic Rates


NOTE: Large items (Bikes, Frames, Wheel Sets, Trainers, Repair Stands, etc.) require separate and additional shipping charges.

 $0 - $14.99
 $15 - $44.99
 $45 - $84.99
 $85 - $144.99
$145 - $199.99
 $200 $ Up
 $16.95  $32.95  $43.95  $52.95  $29.95  $22.95

$35.95 $46.95

 $18.95  $39.95  $49.95  $64.95  $38.95  $55.95
 $16.95  $35.95  $46.95  $55.95  $38.95  $40.95

View the UPS shipping chart below for Domestic Time-In-Transit

(Region 1 = 1 day, Region 2 = 2 days, Region 3 = 3 days, etc.)

Domestic shipping terms:

Contact the shipping department at shipping@jrbciycles.com or 800-455-9353 for any questions or to check on the status of an order.

*Time-in-Transit for UPS excludes weekends and national Holidays.
*USPS Priority service is 2-3 business days and includes Saturdays.
*Orders placed before 4:00pm (EST) using 3-Day, 2-Day or Next Day will ship same day.

*Orders with Ground shipping method ships within 24 to 48 hours unless notified of any delays.
*Only 3-Day, 2-Day and Next Day services are guaranteed.
*You must notify us within 48hours of receiving your package if there is any damage or missing items.

International Rates

ZONE #2: Denmark, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Russia, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Netherlands Antilles, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Ireland
ZONE #3: Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Argentina, Aruba, South Africa, Belgium, Columbia

NOTE: Large items (Bikes, Trainers, Repair Stands, etc.) require separate and additional shipping charges.
 $0 - $49.99
 $50 - $149.99
 $150 - $299.99
 $300 - $499.99
 $65.00  $75.00
 $500 OR MORE
 $75.00 $85.00
 $60.00  $75.00  $85.00
 $95.00  $140.00  $210.00

International shipping terms:

Contact the shipping department at shipping@jrbciycles.com or 011-1-727-545-1580 for any questions or to check on the status of an order.

*Time-in-Transit for international shipments is not guaranteed.  We use USPS Express for most countries.
*Most packages ship within 24hours. Larger orders may require 48hours to ship unless otherwise notified,
*Most packages delivered within 7 business days.
*USPS Priority service is used for CANADIAN customers (call to arrange other shipping methods).
*Customer is responsible to pay any taxes/duties required by customer's country.

*You must notify us within 48hours of receiving your package if there is any damage or missing items.


The staff here at J&R Bicycles, Inc. want to insure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.  If for some reason the item does not fit, the color is not what you expected or you simply do not need then we will make the return or exchange easy for you.  Simply fill out the RETURN FORM completely and follow the instructions.  The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost of the returned/exchanged item.  Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your item.  Items must return in the original condition, original packaging and unused.  Product cannot have any assembly or mounting marks.

Did you receive an item that was not what you order?  Domestic: If we mistakenly sent you the incorrect item please accept our greatest apologizes.  We never intentionally ship out the wrong item but if we do we will correct it for you.  Please call our shipping staff at 800-455-9353 to arrange a call tag for the return of the wrong item and arrange shipping of the correct item.  We will ship the corrected item in the same fashion that your original order was placed. All shipping cost related to such an issue will be covered by J&R Bicycles, Inc. 

For international orders: because there is no way for us to send a return label to a customer outside the U.S. you may have to cover the return shipping upfront.  We will reimburse you fully for the return shipping cost.  Please contact us first by calling 001-1-727-545-1580 or emailing shipping@jrbicycles.com so that arrangements can be made.

NOTE: There are no returns on complete bikes or custom wheels.


What does my status mean?
The status structure has changed recently. Here are the current statuses used for your order:

     Pending - Your order is incomplete because payment was not received. This status means that the order is not going to process unless you complete the order with an approved payment method. It's all in your hands to complete the checkout. Either you did not complete the checkout, or your card declined. If your card declined, either your bank declined it due to any number of reasons (usually shortage of funds or security protection from your bank/credit card company), or our processor declined it due to any number of reasons (usually a mismatch on billing address entered and the billing address on file with the credit card processing company). If you feel that you entered all of the correct information there is no need to continue with multiple transactions. At that time you will want to contact your bank or credit card provider to clear the issue and then contact us to complete the transaction.

     Processing - We have received your order and payment.

     Printed - We have printed the invoice and packing list for your order and it is in line to be packed and shipped. Your order status will show as "printed" until it ships or until we contact you for further info.
     Back-ordered - At least one item on your order is not in stock. We set an order status to back-order only if we have emailed or phoned you about the item. If you did not receive an email or phone call, our email may have been spammed or blocked by your email domain or you typed in the wrong email when placing your order. If you did not receive an email or phone call, then you gave us bad info on both fronts. It happens.

     Completed - Your order has been paid for, boxed up and shipped out. All items will ship from J&R in FL. If any items are coming to you from a Supplier ("drop-shipped") direct, then you will be notified in the status change email as to which items, specifically, are coming from which Suppliers, specifically. Tracking info for items shipped from J&R will be provided automatically to the email you provided.

     Canceled - This is simple enough. But the reason for this status is because either you canceled your order and your payment will be refunded or we have canceled the order due to bad contact information after trying repeatedly to contact you about the order.
     Partially Shipped - At least one item on your order was unavailable at the time we shipped your order. We chose to ship part of your order because we did not want to hold you up. We understand the urgency of having your new goggles, gloves, trainer, what-not for Tuesday night practice. The rest of the items will ship ASAP. If you have concerns or questions about un-shipped items feel free to contact our sales or shipping department for an update. As soon as the out of stock items enter back into stock they will be shipped and you will be notified with tracking information to the email address you provided.


Unless stated otherwise, all Coupon Codes found online, in print, over the phone or through any other method now known or to be developed in the future shall exclude items already marked down, on clearance, discounted or otherwise reduced in price from the original marked price. Additionally, coupon codes cannot be used when purchasing Gift Cards (digital or paper).

If you have any questions regarding our Coupon Code and Discount policy, please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page here on the site.


First of all, we appreciate all of the J&R Bicycles customers who trust our experience in the BMX industry. We will continue that trust through our online store by offering a secure way of purchasing on the net. Payment information such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, personal information, and shipping information will be on a protected server and processed through a largely used and respected merchant account service - Authorize.net.

All personal information given to J&R Bicycles while placing an order will only be used for the following reasons:
**Processing a purchase from our online store, fax order, phone order, or mail-in order
**Contact assistance on orders, back orders, or questions
**E-mail response/confirmation on orders and questions
**For registry to the J&R Bicycles mailing list
**E-mail product specials, promotions, online contest, or surveys

If you're not 100% satisfied with using an online service for purchasing products from J&R Bicycles call us at 1-800-455-9353 and we will assist you with another form of payment. We assure you that any process you decide will be secure within our company and only used for your convenience as listed above. Thank you for continued business with J&R Bicycles and our online store.


Please note that will do our best to send you the size you've requested when your order qualifies for a free t-shirt. In the event that we do not have in stock the exact size you've requested, we'll send you whichever size we have in stock that is closest. We do go through a huge number of shirts, so we don't always have every size in stock at all times.

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