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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my status mean?
The status of your order will fall into one of four categories.  They are fairly simple and straightforward:

Held for Review - Your order is on temporary hold, because the credit card processing company or the credit card issuing company need additional confirmation that the charge is valid. This is not the same as having your credit card declined. This could be due to any number of red flags that the banks use to protect customers and retailers from credit card fraud. Please know that if you are seeing this message, we are looking into it and will most likely clear your order for further processing within one business day. You do not need to call or email. We will review your account, double check the information on the order and compare it with the notice provided by the credit card companies. Unless we actually confirm the order to be fraud, you will see the status change to either pending or processing, and from there we will proceed with fulfilling the order.

Pending - We have received your order and placed an authorization on your credit card. This is not the same as a charge. Basically, the money is 'on hold' while we work to fulfill the order. Once the order is pulled and packaged and 100% confirmed as ready to ship, then we will follow through on the charge and collect the money at the time of shipping the package.

Processing - This status typically only appears if you had a SUSPECTED FRAUD notice, and we have subsequently cleared the notice and pushed your order back into the fulfillment pipeline.

Completed - Your order has been paid for, boxed up and shipped out. All items will ship from J&R in FL. Tracking info for items shipped from J&R will be provided automatically to the email you provided.

Canceled - This is simple enough. But the reason for this status is because either you canceled your order and your payment will be refunded or we have canceled the order due to bad contact information after trying repeatedly to contact you about the order.


Why don't all the coupons work on every product?

Unless stated otherwise, all Coupon Codes found online, in print, over the phone or through any other method now known or to be developed in the future shall exclude items already marked down, on clearance, discounted or otherwise reduced in price from the original marked price. Additionally, coupon codes cannot be used when purchasing Gift Cards.  Additionally, some manufacturers do not allow us to regularly discount or otherwise reduce the pricing on their products  -  but the few times each year that they do open up reduced pricing windows, we definitely shout it out loud to our customers through newsletters and Facebook.

If you have any questions regarding our Coupon Code and Discount policy, please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page here on the site.


Why are some of the products on your website showing out of stock?

We do our best to keep the largest selection of products from all the best brands in BMX.  It's hard to have 'everything' all the time.  Our inventory is tracking in real-time, so when it says 'Out of Stock' next to something, that really means we don't have any  -  and as soon as we get more back in stock, the status will automatically update.


So if it is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

We typically order replacement inventory as soon as we see we're nearing the end of our current supply on any given product.  From there, we hope that our suppliers will move quickly and get us what we need asap. With that said, there are many reasons that a supplier might not be able to deliver immediately, whether it be a big rush on demand for something, shortage of raw materials, weather inconveniences, or who knows what.  The short answer is:  AS SOON AS WE CAN GET IT, WE WILL!  We don't want to be out of stock on any of the coolest BMX items. 


Something I bought recently has just gone down in price on your website. Can I get a refund?

Prices fluctuate regularly at J&R Bicycles based on several factors. Sometimes an item will be 'on sale' this week, but not 'on sale' next week. Sometimes an item will be full price today, but 'on sale' tomorrow. If something you purchased recently goes 'on sale' for a lower price than what you paid, we will retroactively price match for up to 7 days from the date of your order upon your request.