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  • Search and Sort Tricks for Faster BMX Shopping at J&R Bicycles

    With Black Friday upon us, and the holiday season moving into full swing, we know how important it is for you to find exactly what you're looking for without wasting any time. To make your BMX shopping experience better than ever this holiday, we've made a short video to show some of the easiest ways to navigate the J&R Bicycles online store. Sure, everyone knows how to use the simple left side menu or click on big thumbnails in the middle of the page - and that can be great if you're simply browsing to see everything we have on offer - but if you already know what you want and how much you want to spend, there are tools on our site that will make loading the cart a breeze without wasting a ton of time. Check it out:

  • J&R Bicycles Custom Wheel Builder v1.0

    For years, J&R Bicycles has worked hard to become the #1 Custom BMX Wheel Builder in the world. Our technicians pride themselves on doing the finest assemblies and checking every detail to be sure the wheels we send out are second to none.

    Now, we've made it even easier for our customers to put together the ultimate custom wheel or wheel set of their dreams. By using our CUSTOM WHEEL BUILD tool, you can try any combination of compatible parts all from one page of the site. We've put together a video to show exactly how it works. Take a look and then try for yourself! The possibilities are endless with the new Custom Wheel Build Tool from J&R Bicycles.


  • J&R Bicycles/Chase/Box Team Report from the 2014 USABMX Spring Nationals

    J&R Bicycles/Chase/Box Team Report

    for the USA Cycling Championships/Spring Nationals,

    Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 16-18, 2014:

    The following report comes from J&R/Chase/Box Team Manager Scott Angus:

    The J&R/Chase/Box team had a small, but effective squad at the USA Cycling Championships/Spring Nationals this past weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    With Katja and Esja Shriver on the team the past few nationals, Richelle Shriver decided to join the team as well. What an impressive weekend for the Shriver trio - 3 triples and the USA Cycling Championship Title for each to add their resume.

    While the ladies were quite impressive, the boys on the team did well also. 7 year-old Ty Beadle had five wins, and a 2nd place in the 8 Boys USAC race. 9 year-old Jack Bakken had two wins and a 2nd place in 9x and a 1st and 2nd place in 9 cruiser. A crash in the 10 boys USAC race was the only downer for the weekend. Ryan Pettigrew had a 1st and two 2nd place finishes for the national, and a 16 Boys USAC gold medal to bring home.

    Esja Shriver, Ty Beadle, Jack Bakken, and Ryan Pettigrew are looking foward to competing at the UCI World’s in Holland in a couple months.

    jrbicycles-usa-team-report-springnationals-2014 Back: Richelle Shriver, Esja Shriver, Katja Shriver Front: Ty Beadle, Ryan Pettigrew, Jack Bakken

    The father-son combination of Josh and Joe Sontag had a great weekend as well. Josh picked up a 1st and 2nd place in 28-35x, and a triple in 26-30 cruiser.  Grumpy dad got 2 wins and a 2nd place in 56-60 cruiser.

    A big thank you to all of our Sponsors:

    J&R Bicycles (www.jrbicycles.com)

    Chase Bicycles (www.chasebicycles.com)

    BOX and Promax (www.boxcomponents.com)

    Troy Lee Designs (www.troyleedesigns.com)

    ODI Grips (www.odigrips.com)

    Tioga Tires (www.tiogatires.com)

    JAS Electric

    Helix Electric

    Star Software Consulting


    And to our newest team sponsors:

    KMC Chains (www.kmcchains.com)

    X Brand Goggles (www.eksbrand.com)

  • Barry Nobles gives us an update on the action

    March 2014 race report from Barry Nobles:National Champs Report

    Well after a schedule change our supercross race season started off a month earlier then planned with the 2014 USA National Championships. We have had a long but great off season so luckily I was itching to get back to some SX racing. What better way then to start on one of the best tracks in the country in Chula Vista California. Every year my main goals are world champs and national champs for a chance to wear the rainbow world champ jersey or the red white and blue national champ sleeve. 2013 I won my first national title at MTB dual slalom nationals but I had yet to win a BMX title but this year I knew I ticked all the boxes. I breezed through qualifying but made a small mistake in the semi final leaving me with 7th lane choose in the final that put me on the outside lane. Stuck on the outside of 7 guys in turn one I made a good high low move that put me straight into the battle for second. By turn 2 I moved fully into second with my sights on 1st place coming into the third straight that I knew I could hit with my eyes closed. Charging down the third straight I made the pass into first going into the last turn but I was coming in low and on the white line. I made the move clean and had the title in my hands. With a little elbow on elbow battle I lost  a bit of exit speed and slowly watched it slip away when I felt the guy in 3rd place pass us both and pull beside me for a drag race to the finish. He carried a bit more speed and I had to settle back in for the silver medal at the finish. This is one of those races where first was the only goal but there's always another year. Plenty of positives to end the weekend on and it also confirmed me a spot back on the USA funded team leading into the world cup season. 

    We leave Monday for Manchester UK for the first stop of the UCI BMX SX season. All the boxes are ticked. It's going to be a fun year! Only 2 years out from Rio and it's going by fast! Until next time....
  • J&R's Amanda Carr Thailand National Champion!

    J&R's Amanda Carr makes headlines as the Thailand National Champion in Elite Women! She has also landed a great opportunity to race on the world stage with a brand new Prophecy carbon from.  Watch Amanda's race to the top this season and her Olympic goals to come.  Read below for more:Carr press release

  • Barry Nobles wraps up 2013

    Great 2013 year-end wrap up from Barry Nobles:
    "Well that's a wrap to another season of racing. Long season but they seem to go by faster and faster each year. It's been a busy up and down season balancing BMX and MTB racing. Ending the last two rounds of the 2012 BMX World Cups on the USA funded team, I was lucky enough to start 2013 with the crew and do a whole season in red, white, and blue. With the BMX program bringing on board Olympic gold medalist Jamie Staff as head directer the program has become stronger then ever.
    Bouncing back and forth from the BMX to MTB my first event was the Mountain Bike Sea Otter classic in Monterey, CA. Racing Dual slalom and Speed-n-style. Speed-n-style is a one and one dual slalom type track but you have to do tricks while racing for a time differential. Being a racer I had to keep the speed up knowing my tricks wouldn't beat the top freestyle guys. After battling my way through 32 guys and making my way to the final 2 guys I ended up taking the win over Redbull's Martin Soderstrom.
    Next stop was Auckland, New Zealand for the UCI BMX World Championships. It was an indoor event and the track was half the size as we normally race on. Tighter turns, shorter straights, and smaller jumps. It was definitely a race to the first turn and don't get taking out. Being such a small easy track everyone seemed to be on the same level so you had to be on your A game with people crashing into each other every lap. I had clean laps all day avoided crashes and winning my semi final being the only American advancing to the final. Lining up for the main event with a good lane choice I was on the inside in gate 3. Having a good start but not quite as good as Great Britain's Liam Phillips I got into turn one in second with a podium spot in my sights. Out of no where a Japanese rider made a move under the whole pack taking himself and me out ending out race laying on the asphalt in turn one. I got up and had to settle for a world 8 spot with no rainbow jersey
    I came home from New Zealand determined for a championship jersey. So 2 days later I loaded up and heading to Angle Fire, New Mexico for the Mountain Bike National Championships. Only racing one other MTB this year I needed to win the Dual Slalom National Champs to qualify me a spot on the 4x world championship US team. After time trial seating I qualified first with 1.7 second over second. With dual slalom only having a 1.5 second differential I just needed to repeat those laps and this jersey is mine. Doing just that I made it through another 32 guys for the win and earning myself my first Elite National Championship.
    A month later I headed to Leogang, Austria for the UCI 4x World Championships. 4x being pretty much a BMX track on the side of a mountain I was feeling confident. Had a good practice feeling out the other competition that I'm not normally use to racing like in bmx. I was putting a good lap together in time trials but maybe getting a little too relaxed I had a little slip in the last turn loosing some time and qualified 7th. Racing was the next day. Another chance to win a UCI rainbow world champ jersey. Winning all my rounds I made it in the semi finals but since I qualified 7th I was on the outside gate with number 2 and 4 on my inside. Had a great start but just not enough to cut of number 2 and I got left to dry in the top of the first turn bumping elbows and not allowing me to transfer to the finals and having to finish another world championship with another world 8. That's racing I guess. Learned a lot from both world titles to come in a little more head strong for 2014!
    Last stop of the year was Chula Vista, Ca for the final round of the BMX World Cup season only 4 days after returning from Austria and racing my mountain bike. Feeling a little home track advantage the USA guys were feeling confident on the biggest and longest track on the circuit. Breezed my way into the finals with 3 other USA guys like it was just another practice day. Not having the best start in the final I got pushed to the back of the pack but managed to fight my way past a few guys and ended with a 5th. It's never fun to end a season with out being on the podium but being the the last final of the year allows for good momentum and higher goals for the year to come.
    Heading home to Alabama now for Christmas with the family and recharge the batteries. 2014 is going to be a big year with Olympics right around the corner. Everything is on track for an even better season in 2014. Can't wait!"
    Follow Barry @barrynobles95 for updates and some of the most amazing pictures we've seen as he travels the globe and lives the BMX dream.
  • Spotted some Dogs at SPOT!

    Wow. What a crazy month it's been here at the J&R Dog Pound. With the Holiday Season in full swing and the big day ho-ho-ho'ing its way toward us faster than a sled loaded with presents, we've been working some seriously long days to make sure the elves have everything they need to make your Christmas BMX dreams come true. With hardly any time at all to spend at home with our favorite furry friends, we've had a revolving doggy door of pups making up an impromptu day care in the back room of the shop. But we're not the only ones feeling the need to keep our friends close and our puppies closer at this time of year.

    This past weekend at Skatepark of Tampa's 5th Annual SPOT ROAST BMX JAM was filled with four-leggeds. Now I know that this blog is meant to honor the photos that you readers send in, but I would have been remiss in my responsibilities as the J&R photographer and resident Dog Catcher if I hadn't captured at least a few pics of the local pooches at the first stop along the way of the 2014 Florida BMX Skatepark Series.  Two decidedly different dogs caught my interest.

    First of all, there was a WOLF on the loose!  That's right! A genuine Malamute Timber Wolf named Navi.  She's just 2 1/2 years old, but already stands waist high at her shoulders and couldn't weigh any less than 100 lbs.  You'd think that would be a bit intimidating, right? Guess again.  This was one of the friendliest and most well-behaved 'dogs' I've ever seen in a public setting. Not only did she walk off-leash at her master's heel despite the roiling crowd, but she courageously avoided tons of temptations that would have had most dogs rolling in the dirt....there was that one small faux pas when she snagged a lonely looking cheeseburger off the edge of the condiment table, but who do you blame? A hungry wolf innocently cruising a BMX show, or the human being careless enough to leave an unguarded meat patty in plain view of a prowling wolf?  Burger blunder aside, Navi was charming as could be; and when I approached her master about taking a few shots, he asked her to sit and she obliged without a fuss.  Take a look ;)

    Navi, 2 1/2 Year Old Malamute Timber Wolf taking a break from prowling the 5th Annual SPOT ROAST BMX JAM Navi, 2 1/2 Year Old Malamute Timber Wolf taking a break from prowling the 5th Annual SPOT ROAST BMX JAM. J&R Vending Tent in the background :D

    The other pup that caught my eye was a weasely little rascal with a real nose for news.  Everytime I turned around, there he was, sniff-sniff-sniffing at my camera.  I can't be sure if it was the smell of fast-food breakfast grease all over my lens ring, or the curious click-click-click-click-click that was snicking away as I took bursts of 5 to 10 shots at a time, but this mini-dog really seemed to have a thing for me and my camera.  I openly admit that I failed in getting the name of this dog, so I put it out there to you, the fans of BMX and Dogs across the world:

    If you know the nose in the photo below, please direct the owner to contact me ASAP so that we can get a couple t-shirts on the way!

    Wet and Cold.  Sure, it smeared my lens, but I was happy to make the sacrifice! Wet and Cold. Sure, it smeared my lens, but I was happy to make the sacrifice!

    So that'll do it for me this month. Ozzy, November's featured fur-ball, is waiting for me to get home so that he can try on some ridiculous Reindeer Antlers that my wife insisted on buying at the grocery store last night.

    In the meantime, please keep sending all your BMX PLUS DOG pics to me here: dogpound@jrbicycles.com

    And if you aren't done with your Christmas shopping yet, don't waste another dog-gone second! We've got a 15% off coupon that's sure to fill your holiday with joy and laughter.

  • J&R BMX Superstore welcomes Amanda Carr to the team

    J&R BMX Superstore is excited to announce the sponsorship of Elite Women's Amanda Carr.  She joins a family of top athletes such as AA Pro Barry Nobles, Olympian Mark Willers, UCI Champion Domingos Lammoglia and our #1 J&R BMX Bike Ship Team,  Amanda brings a lot to the J&R BMX brand and we are thrilled to have her on board.165409_192737177539979_2019760498_n

    Amanda Carr is not only an amazing BMX athlete but she is also a Track Operator, a member of the Thai Cycling Association and on the Thailand BMX National Team.  See her sporting her new threads at upcoming events.

    Want to learn more about Amanda?  Check her out online @amandacarrbmx.com or follow her through social media @amandacarrbmx.


  • Florida Commissioners Cup launches this weekend!

    J&R BMX: As the winter approaches and tracks around the country close for the season Florida is ramping up the start of their 2013-2014 Florida Commissioners Cup Series. The series starts of this weekend in Riverview Florida with excitement and fanfare. Racers from all around the state will crowd the spectator area of a beautifully maintained track. Nick Cuppy, local A Pro and assistant track director puts countless hours of work and dedication into the track and training local riders. If your in Florida then there is no better place to be than USA BMX Riverview. Weather is looking great and so is the Pro line up.20131108_143803

    Race information:
    FRIDAY November 8th:
    - Corsa Racewear Skills Clinic from 2pm - 5pm
    - Practice from 6pm to 9pm
    - Sign ups from 7pm to 9pm
    SATURDAY November 9th:
    - Sign ups from 7am to 9am
    - Practice from 7am to 10am
    - Pro warm up from 10am to 10:30am
    - Strider warm up from 10:30am to 10:40am
    - Races start at 11am
    SUNDAY November 10th:
    - Pro warm up from 8:15am to 8:45am
    - Race starts at 9am

    As usual the J&R BMX Superstore vending crew is at the event and set up to support the riders with "Everything for their bike and their body".  If you are going make sure to stop by and say hi to the gang and congratulate owner Kirk Morrison on his recent wedding.  Good to all of the riders!

  • Welcome to the Dog Pound!

    What's cute, fuzzy, funny and never fails to make us feel good about the world?


    That's right. You love 'em and we love 'em, possibly even more than we love BMX. So it occurred to me one day that pairing them together would be a great way to celebrate two of our favorite things.

    You can see in the photo below my best pal, OZZY. He's got endless energy and the warmest disposition you could ever imagine. He also has an undeniable passion for wearing clothes. When my wife first started 'dressing' the dog, I felt bad for the little fella', but over time I could see that he actually looked forward to it. Probably it has something to do with all the attention being focused on him, or perhaps the natural sense of possession and ownership that comes with having really cool stuff. If we take his collar off, he'll go crazy until we put it back on. And when my wife pulls out one of his many 'outfits', he runs in a circle so fast and hard that he gets himself dizzy with anticipation. Without further ado, here's OZZY wearing one of the FLY Racing 2013 Kinetic RS Jerseys that we currently have on close-out for just $22.36 (as of 11/06/13)

    J&R Dog Pounder OZZY looking cool in his Fly Racing 2013 Kinetic RS Jersey Dog Pounder OZZY looking cool in his Fly Racing 2013 Kinetic RS Jersey

    If you'd like to see your best friend featured in our monthly J&R DOG POUND series, please email your favorite snapshot along with a few sentences about him or her to: dogpound@jrbicycles.com

    The picture can be staged, or caught on the fly - as long as it shows your dog and something BMX related in the same shot. If your photo is chosen, we'll post it up for the entire world to fall in love with, and we'll send you a super cool J&R T-Shirt in whichever size you'd like!

    And be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss out on any of the loveable canines coming in the months ahead.

    Until next time, Woof! Woof!

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