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  • Search and Sort Tricks for Faster BMX Shopping at J&R Bicycles

    With Black Friday upon us, and the holiday season moving into full swing, we know how important it is for you to find exactly what you're looking for without wasting any time. To make your BMX shopping experience better than ever this holiday, we've made a short video to show some of the easiest ways to navigate the J&R Bicycles online store. Continue reading

  • J&R Bicycles Custom Wheel Builder v1.0

    For years, J&R Bicycles has worked hard to become the #1 Custom BMX Wheel Builder in the world. Our technicians pride themselves on doing the finest assemblies and checking every detail to be sure the wheels we send out are second to none.

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  • J&R Bicycles/Chase/Box Team Report from the 2014 USABMX Spring Nationals

    J&R Bicycles/Chase/Box Team Report

    for the USA Cycling Championships/Spring Nationals,

    Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 16-18, 2014:

    The following report comes from J&R/Chase/Box Team Manager Scott Angus:

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  • Barry Nobles gives us an update on the action

    March 2014 race report from Barry Nobles:National Champs Report

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  • J&R's Amanda Carr Thailand National Champion!

    J&R's Amanda Carr makes headlines as the Thailand National Champion in Elite Women! She has also landed a great opportunity to race on the world stage with a brand new Prophecy carbon from.  Watch Amanda's race to the top this season and her Olympic goals to come.

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  • Barry Nobles wraps up 2013

    Great 2013 year-end wrap up from Barry Nobles:
    "Well that's a wrap to another season of racing. Long season but they seem to go by faster and faster each year. It's been a busy up and down season balancing BMX and MTB racing. Ending the last two rounds of the 2012 BMX World Cups on the USA funded team, I was lucky enough to start 2013 with the crew and do a whole season in red, white, and blue. With the BMX program bringing on board Olympic gold medalist Jamie Staff as head directer the program has become stronger then ever.

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  • Spotted some Dogs at SPOT!

    Wow. What a crazy month it's been here at the J&R Dog Pound. With the Holiday Season in full swing and the big day ho-ho-ho'ing its way toward us faster than a sled loaded with presents, we've been working some seriously long days to make sure the elves have everything they need to make your Christmas BMX dreams come true. With hardly any time at all to spend at home with our favorite furry friends, we've had a revolving doggy door of pups making up an impromptu day care in the back room of the shop. But we're not the only ones feeling the need to keep our friends close and our puppies closer at this time of year.

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  • J&R BMX Superstore welcomes Amanda Carr to the team

    J&R BMX Superstore is excited to announce the sponsorship of Elite Women's Amanda Carr.  She joins a family of top athletes such as AA Pro Barry Nobles, Olympian Mark Willers, UCI Champion Domingos Lammoglia and our #1 J&R BMX Bike Ship Team,  Amanda brings a lot to the J&R BMX brand and we are thrilled to have her on board.165409_192737177539979_2019760498_n

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  • Florida Commissioners Cup launches this weekend!

    J&R BMX: As the winter approaches and tracks around the country close for the season Florida is ramping up the start of their 2013-2014 Florida Commissioners Cup Series. The series starts of this weekend in Riverview Florida with excitement and fanfare. Racers from all around the state will crowd the spectator area of a beautifully maintained track. Nick Cuppy, local A Pro and assistant track director puts countless hours of work and dedication into the track and training local riders. If your in Florida then there is no better place to be than USA BMX Riverview. Weather is looking great and so is the Pro line up.20131108_143803

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  • Welcome to the Dog Pound!

    What's cute, fuzzy, funny and never fails to make us feel good about the world?


    That's right. You love 'em and we love 'em, possibly even more than we love BMX. So it occurred to me one day that pairing them together would be a great way to celebrate two of our favorite things.

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