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About Us

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Our mission is to make J&R Bicycles, Inc, the preferred source of BMX products for riders world-wide by delivering outstanding value, quality products, and a great buying experience for all.

about jnr bmx


J&R BMX Superstore is where riders go for the very best BMX bikes and BMX parts. Since 1990 every top brand has been stocked and displayed in the world’s largest BMX showroom. And even if you’re not located in Florida, that’s OK because the J&R warehouse offers fast and efficient worldwide shipping.

Leading BMX bike brands for racing like Redline, Haro, GT, DK, Chase and Speedco are always fully stocked. While BMX bike brands for freestyle riding such as Subrosa, Kink, Sunday, Fit, Verde and We the People are available at all times as well. Plus a full selection of BMX parts, gear and accessories from Troy Lee Designs, Fox, Fly, Shimano and others are offered in all sizes and colors.

J&R Bicycles has been around since the late 70's but wasn't a major player in the world of BMX until the Morrison family purchased it in 1990. Since then J&R has traveled over a million miles to BMX races across the country. With our website (www.jrbicycles.com) J&R BMX has grown into the largest BMX only store in the world.